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Stan Lucas, Waste Water  superIntendant



Waste water


What Waste Water does

Wastewater Treatment is responsible for operating and maintaining Byesville’s wastewater treatment facility. The Wastewater Treatment Plant provides treatment for the wastewater collected by the Village’s wastewater collection system.

The mission of the Wastewater Plant is to protect Ohio waterways from community sanitary waste by complying with a federal NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit.


  •  Protect public health by protecting Ohio waterways, ensuring treated water complies with regulatory standards, and addressing emergency situations promptly and thoroughly
  • Improve operations and services, achieving cost-effectiveness and efficiency without sacrificing quality
  • Plan for the future by investing today in preventive maintenance, periodic renewal, and replacement of facilities
  • Perform Laboratory analysis on waste water to measure the performance of treatment system.

Effluent water is treated through an oxidation ditch and put through a sedimentation process and  discharged into Wills Creek.



Composting Facility


Byesville’s Composting facility

By mixing Byesville’s sludge with wood chips and aerating the pile we are able to help the decomposing process. We are able to raise the temperature and hold it until all pathogens in the sludge are gone, and by doing that we are making safe class a bio solid that can be used as a fertilizer or soil amendment. This is a green project that is great for the environment as well as showing Byesville Creativity and innovation.


If you local city government is taking your waste to landfills contact and let them know you want your community to go green.  Often times counties and cities lower there cost of hauling the product to a garbage dump and the environmental effects are very positive.

Please contact Stan Lucas  at (740) 685-0800 for additional information and pricing.

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